Collaboration Technology Consultancy

Would you like to discover how digital collaboration tools could dramatically accelerate your teams’ project outcomes?  Are you in need of support to ensure any new technology is fully adopted by your people?

We’d love to help. And we know we can. With over 20 years experience, we have success stories we can share with you – including a hi-tech global manufacturer that saw tasks that took their dispersed teams 2 months reduced to 2 days with their digital process transformation.

You too can move on from the sticky note and white board environment and embrace the benefits that a digital version of this process can bring.

If you already use Agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban processes, you can take them to a whole new level with collaboration tools.

Our unique consulting methodology focusses on your company’s:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology
  • Spaces
  • Human Behaviour and
  • Adoption. 

We will also go beyond classic consultancy services and:

  • set up and manage proof of concept trials
  • plan the full implementation of chosen solutions
  • carry out procurement, installation and configuration
  • and provide on-going service and support.

As communication, audio visual and collaboration specialists, we’ll help you from pre-strategy, through to planning and implementing a successful roll out and adoption of your digital change programme.

People and Processes First

We’re different in our collaborative consultancy approach because we put your people and processes first. Not the technology. We look at your business strategy and objectives, the deeper human behaviour changes and 16 critical steps in the adoption process to ensure enterprise-wide success. A well executed change programme is crucial for business growth.

Please do contact us if you’d like to have an informal initial chat. We’d love to hear about how your team’s collaborate and we can explain our approach to communication and collaboration technology projects. 

Mark Beaumont is our Lead Consultant and Change Implementation Specialist. He’d be happy to talk to you and share practical insights about how you can gain remarkable business benefits from a successful behavioural change. 

A reason to talk

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, a few minutes on the phone with Mark will certainly give you food for thought:

  • You are under pressure to reduce time to market for your projects and need to work smarter
  • You need your remote teams to communicate more effectively about what they are trying to fix and transfer knowledge accurately
  • Everyone is used to using sticky notes and white boards. But there is an inevitable time delay in sharing all the information afterwards and some important elements are lost in translation
  • Digital transformation is on your agenda, possibly alongside Agile, Activity Based Working or other methodologies, but you’re struggling to find the right tools
  • Your teams are frustrated with your video conferencing facilities. With multiple people at each end, they can’t really hear each other properly, or share all the screens, sketches and images they need for meaningful and productive collaboration
  • You need to attract and retain talented staff, but you know your current tech and processes are just not going to give the right impression
  • Space is running out for all the white boards and post it notes – you need a better solution
  • You don’t have the time or specific expertise to ensure that:
    • your specific processes are easily handled or improved by new digital technology and
    • your people are truly engaged in a successful adoption process that will transform their productivity
  • You need to cut your travel budget, but fear losing the benefits of face to face working

The Technology

Transform your multi-site video and audio conference meetings by using real-time collaborative software, large touchscreen panels and stunning sound from wherever you are standing in the room. You’ll definitely be rewarded with richer and faster innovation.

We’re Nureva product experts – see more about us and our unique R&D and implementation relationship with Nureva.

The good news is that the technology is intuitive and will still feel familiar to your teams with virtual sticky notes amongst its functionality!

Please get in touch to book your call with Mark Beaumont. It’ll be an interesting chat about collaboration effectiveness and technology adoption. It’s often easier ‘to show’ rather than ‘tell’ – so we’ll happily share some video and welcome you to a demo in London so you can experience it all for yourself.