SMART Boards

SMART Board E70SMART boards are commonly found in various businesses and classrooms throughout the UK. Being the first to introduce interactive whiteboards in 1991, SMART boards allow you to control your PC from the projected image on the board using your finger or a SMART pen as a mouse or as ink. The boards come with SMART Notebook software, which offers teachers and presenters a wide bank of resources to connect with. It also enables interactive lessons,meetings and presentations to be developed more easily and encourages student or interpersonal led learning, training with higher degrees of audience involvement.

SMART have a range of boards and sizes, varying in cost and functionality depending on your requirements

The new SMART E70 is the first SMART board offering an LED screen with no need for a projector, therefore little or no maintenance is required. The board simply needs connecting to a PC and it’s ready to use.

We are able to offer training on SMART boards – Please call or email