Nureva Span Workspace – Visual Collaboration Software

Say goodbye to sticky notes and whiteboards and hello to new collaborative real-time software that is accessible on any device. You can evolve from the sticky note without losing what you love about it. The Nureva Span Workspace allows your dispersed project teams to work so much more effectively. Hugely accelerating your process and time to market.

The Span Workspace is a web-based visual collaboration ‘canvas’ It’s an expansive digital scrapbook that all your team can contribute to in numerous different ways. All for an affordable subscription per user – with no limitation on the number of ‘canvases’. It’s not hard to imagine easily saving more than the subscription costs in travel or the value of increased productivity alone.

How does it work?

Span Workspace is cloud-based and can be used with a mobile device, laptop, desktop, interactive display and the Nureva Wall (large scrolling, touchscreen wall panels). Just log in and get going.

The Span software system brings the flexibility of digital and touch technologies to meet the traditional, paper- based collaboration which everyone loves. It enables real-time collaboration between dispersed teams.

Meeting participants can simultaneously use different elements of the canvas and be adding to it via the touchscreen wall panels. Remote (and in room) team members can also add to the canvas from their devices. Changes are instantly visible by all users.

Create virtual post it notes, add documents and drawings, scroll through the canvas to see all your work, share your screen, see video conference links with team members around the world. No one on your team will be left behind. Everyone can see exactly what’s happening and be actively engaged. And everyone can hear everything perfectly with the HDL300 audio conferencing product. No matter where they are in the room or any other location.

No more waiting for sticky notes and other brainstorming ideas to be collated and distributed. Problems get solved together – so much more quickly.

See Span Workspace in Action

Instead of telling you how it works, we’d rather show you. As well as talking with you on the phone, or via a conference call and showing you videos, we’d be delighted to invite you to join us for a demo of the system at our showroom in London. Then you’ll really understand how it works and the benefits your business could realise.

Please get in touch to get a date in the diary.

Why Nureva Span Workspace and Infacom? 

You can design and optimise your workflows to suit your business challenges within the Span Workspace – there’s no restrictive template to fit to. Take what is familiar and operate in a digital environment instead. You don’t need to learn a completely new process.

  • The Span Workspace creates the digital war room desired by leading consultants and businesses.
  • It’s the solution of choice for many dispersed product development teams that need to accurate transfer knowledge.
  • It provides the ideal tool for realising your digital transformation strategy or lean, agile or other Activity Based Working methodology.

Infacom and Nureva have worked together for over 20 years. Infacom provide Collaborative Technology Consultancy and Nureva product expertise. Find out more about us.

One of our success stories is a high-tech global manufacturer. Some processes that originally took two months were reduced down to just two days with successful change management and our unique enterprise-wide technology adoption programme.

Your travel costs and carbon footprint will also significantly reduced as a result of using smart collaborative technology.

Please do contact us with any questions – we’d love to hear about your business.