Nureva Interactive Wall – Visual Collaboration Panels

How does the Nureva Wall work?

If you are taking your team collaboration into the digital space, you will no doubt want to see the big picture and start projecting your workings onto a large interactive wall.  

The Nureva Wall gives you touchscreen panels with flexible configurations to suit your space and the way your team works. It’s ideally combined with your teams utilising the Nureva Span Workspace software for real-time collaboration via one application on almost any device. But the Wall works with other web-based applications too.

This large surface will digitally transform agile, lean, design thinking and other processes by creating room for rich, visual team collaboration.

No more sticky notes and whiteboards and time delays sharing information.

Everyone in the room can actively engage in activities on the wall at the same time. Users on remote devices will have their input appear on the wall in real time too.

You can project video conference images onto the wall, share documents, create sketches and virtual post it notes, show documents, drawings and more. Pair the wall with the Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing product and everyone will hear every voice clearly from wherever they are in the room.

The Nureva Wall system combines a precise touchscreen surface with an ultra-short-throw HD projector to give dispersed teams the visual collaboration tool they need to deliver results.

The wall surface has the same advanced technology found in the latest smartphones. You can count on responsive and accurate touch performance with 40 simultaneous touch points per dual system.

Nureva Wall configurations can start as one panel that is 7′ 6″ (2.30 m) wide and multiply up to be as large as 60′ (18.29 m) wide. They can cover the length of a wall, go around a corner or wrap around an entire room for full immersive visual collaboration experience.

If your workspace is too wide for your physical wall panels, just scroll it across the wall to see the elements you need.

The panels are easy to install on almost any type of wall. There is an interlocking feature that makes joining multiple walls very straightforward. With the slim design you really can create a collaborative space in any available area.

You can even start your collaboration sessions more quickly with the configurable presence-detection sensor turning on the system for you.

Get hands-on

We love to show rather than tell, so if you’d like to try out the Nureva Wall for yourself, do get in touch. We can obviously video conference first and review videos of how it all works, but you can see it in action at our showroom in London too.

We’ll also be able to demo the Nureva Span Software. This tool takes your current sticky note and whiteboard process and puts it very simply and naturally into the digital environment.

We can’t forget how important sound is too – the HDL300 wall-mounted microphone and soundbar takes audio conferencing to a whole new level. No dead zones or missed conversation. You’ll experience that too.

If you are heading down a digital transformation road, we’d love to help it be a success. You need a change management plan and to ensure all your teams adopt the new technology. We have unique expertise in this area and proven methodologies that focus on your people and processes first. Read more on Collaborative Technology Consultancy and find out more about us.