Nureva HDL300 Audio Conferencing System

Audio Conferencing Technology with a Difference

Are you and your teams frustrated with conference calls where you struggle to hear people at the other end? It’s so unproductive, isn’t it?

The Nureva HDL300 system is uniquely equipped to capture dynamic discussions, ensuring remote participants never miss a word. Even when people are moving around the room.

It’s simple to mount on the wall and is guaranteed to solve all those traditional audio conferencing issues.

A new approach for new ways of working

The nature of collaborative working for disparate teams is changing.

People no longer want to be constrained to sitting around a meeting table with a conference phone in the centre. Teams want the freedom to walk around as they talk, utilise technology in various parts of the room, sit in a different layout and communicate with remote workers effectively.

Audio conferencing needs to ensure that remote team members are fully engaged. They need to be contributing as fully as they would if they were actually in the room.

How does the HDL300 work?

The integrated microphone and speaker bar is simply mounted on the wall.

The Nureva HDL300 uses Microphone Mist™ technology which fills the room with 8192 virtual microphones, providing true full-room pick up.

By listening to all microphones simultaneously, it dynamically selects the one closest to the speaker, ensuring the best quality sound for remote listeners. There are no dead zones in the meeting room.

This patent-pending technology is enabled by a digital signal processor (DSP) with 15,000 MIPS (instructions per second) – 15 times more powerful than DSP’s in traditional systems.

The system even cancels out other non-human noise such as traffic and doors shutting.

It’s a whole new audio experience. And there’s more too. You can even have audio translated into text in another language on a screen in the room. (Find out more about Nureva collaborative software and touchscreen panels that also dramatically increase team productivity.)

Is the HDL300 easy to install?

The integrated microphone and speaker bar easily mount to the wall. Eliminating table clutter and distracting table noises. The self-calibration feature means there’s no technical setup or adjustment for the room.

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We can supply and install the HDL300, but if you are serious about digital transformation for your teams we can help with Collaboration Technology Consultancy too.

We help businesses move from sticky notes, whiteboards and awkward audio, to perfect sound and digital collaboration tools that still feel familiar but bring exceptional productivity improvements.

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