Iris Connect

PrintUniquely, IRIS Connect was designed following many years of educational research and experience to deliver effective CPD that will impact on standards in schools. Through its exclusive blending of remote video cameras, on-line tools and cloud based communities of practice it ensures:

IRIS Connect unlocks a school’s collective capacity and supports the development of an open culture rich in professional capital. The system allows schools to work together to deliver practical teaching and learning support which is purposeful, reflective, authentic and contextualised.

The cloud based system and mobile camera technology enables teachers to securely capture, view and share practice. Going beyond simply video, the observational tools enable users to give and receive contextualised feedback by applying time linked written, audio or video notes. The additional use of forms, instruments and reports provide a greater insight and support a rich contextualised dialogue around practice.

By enabling immediate fedback and reflective comments tagged to moments in the lesson, the need to rely on memory is eliminated. This immediacy and contextualisation of feedback impacts the rate of change and improvement significantly.

For senior and middle leaders:

IRIS Connect reduces the cost and increases the impact of lesson observations and professional development by enabling schools to:

  • Assess the impact of CPD activities over time
  • Harness their collective capacity to support in-house staff development
  • Develop a common language and framework of what great teaching looks like in practice
  • Use everyday lessons as a multiple resource overtime 
  • Empower teachers with a personalised, contextualised CPD tool

For teachers:

The collaborative CPD system ensures all teachers have access to excellent practice; where they can undertake self-directed and personalised CPD; and capture their everyday lessons in a secure environment in which they can purposefully reflect and share with colleagues when appropriate.

IRIS Connect raises the standard of reflective dialogue teachers are able to have. By enabling teachers to see what others see they can understand and reflect on their own practices gaining deeper levels of personal insight and raised self-awareness.