Engineered for small spaces

Available spring 2020. With refined aesthetics and 4,096 virtual microphones providing true full-room pickup, the HDL200 system is purpose-built for any small room – from huddle rooms to meeting and flex spaces – up to 18' x 18' (5.5 x 5.5 m).

For all kinds of small rooms


The HDL200 system was made to give a great performance in unconventional configurations.


No need to stay seated at the table. You’ll be heard no matter where you move in the room.


Go ahead and change your space – as often as you like. You’ll always get great pickup.


4,096 virtual microphones

Microphone Mist™ technology fills a room with virtual microphones for true full-room pickup.


Position-based gain control

Optimises each sound signal individually. Hear the sounds you want with less distracting ambient noise.


Continuous autocalibration

Your room is always ready. Even if you move the furniture or change the style of meeting.


Quick and easy installation

Easily install all-in-one unit almost anywhere – on a wall, floor stand or display. Camera mount available.

Flexible installation

On the wall or display – or almost anywhere.


Choose your camera.
And where it goes.

It’s about freedom. Unlike all in one mic/camera bars, the HDL200 system gives you the freedom to choose your own camera and place it where it gives you the coverage you want. Still want your camera attached to the HDL200? We offer a magnetic mounting bracket for that, too.

Thoughtful design

With the HDL200, we created a design suited to more intimate spaces. It’s why we softened its look with unique acoustic fabric coverings (available in a light tone and a dark tone) and rounded edges. It looks as good as it sounds no matter how your room is styled.


Helpful display

The built-in, configurable LCD gives you helpful information. On first-time startup you’ll know when the system is finished autocalibrating. During normal operation you’ll see call status and the time of day. And more features and integrations with room management systems are coming soon.

Clear audio. Clean aesthetics.

Available in two neutral colors to complement any room.

Carbon White

Microphone Mist technology

4,096 virtual microphones

Advanced audio

Team members can be heard no matter where they move in the room for hassle-free, productive meetings.

Simple setup

Quick DIY installation, continuous autocalibration and less troubleshooting lets IT get on with more valuable work.

Easy to scale

You’re ready to grow with models for varying spaces, regular firmware updates and centralized device management.

Compare coverage

A beamforming system may only provide audio pickup for those seated at the table in small spaces. Microphone Mist technology provides true full-room pickup.

Microphone Mist Beamforming

Plays nice with leading platforms

The HDL200 system supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Google™ Hangouts™, RingCentral, Fuze, Lifesize®, Intel Unite®, Panopto, a range of IFPs, your own smartphone and more.


The only true test

Available February 2020. It takes just 15 minutes to hear the Nureva audio difference. Sign up below to be among the first to hear the HDL200 system for small spaces, or experience Nureva audio now with a demo of the HDL300 for mid-size spaces.