Flexible working and the need for Collaboration, do you know the facts?

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Why would you need to consider it?

For one, it creates new ways for businesses to be competitive. Providing your workforce with the means to work remotely without compromising on quality has many benefits.

  • Cost savings from travel
  • Increased productivity from making better use of dead time
  • Agility, keeping your finger on the pulse
  • Collaboration in real time and much more.

According to research 83% of people who joined a company in the last 2 years said that flexibility was important to their decision to take a job.Could you be missing out on new talent by not keeping up to date with flexible working schemes and the technology required to enable your staff to be more productive?

Also, with the need for collaboration established, many companies are beginning to experiment with new environments and technology solutions. They are on a  journey towards a realisation that much of the future workspace will be about collaboration.

Commuting is one of the most challenging parts of day to day work life. It consumes on average 80 minutes a day per person worldwide. Today in London 24 million trips are made every day. It is estimated that 10 million people enter into office buildings for work each day and that this is no longer sustainable. A different set of working patterns will emerge, not just home working but on models that change the nature of commuting and business trips.

At infacom we offer real time collaboration solutions and strive to provide you with cost cutting technology so that you can sustain your place in the market. So why not talk to us about our business meeting solutions… 01273 579930


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