Fighting the cause for unnecessary travel

Recently we went to a Sustrans event, Sustrans is a charity that is working to support companies in minimising unnecessary work travel. They assist in finding funding for a number of cost reduction options, including technology to reduce travel. We were there to demonstrate the Mondopad from InFocus and discuss how using video conferencing can enable companies to reduce travel and make faster decisions.

Mark from InFocus kindly came along to help us show off this amazing all in one system, we had a lot of interest and the board went down very well. People were amazed at the clarity of the screen, and the video conferencing (which was especially good given that we were only running it on the wireless internet).

The Mondopad is a 55” or 70” touchscreen panel, running on Windows 10 with the ability to video conference with a number of alternative systems including Polycom. If you want to learn more about this product please get in contact and we would be happy to talk you through the options.


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