Faster, Low Carbon, Diverse New Product Development Innovation brought to you by Infacom.

Using the latest collaboration technologies, you can speed up your new product and service innovation process with solutions from Infacom but not at the expense of carbon emissions or diversity of thinking.

We have a track record with our technology and processes to provide geographically dispersed experts in your team with the space to collaborate together to produce new products and services and get them to market quicker for testing and scale up and advantage.

Industries being accelerated because of our work include microprocessor production and field service, airport management and financial services as well as Universities and police and emergency services.

Our flexible technology can also bring together temporary teams for diversity of thought on a temporary basis to innovate and co create solutions to the world problems. We believe that better innovations come from having more diverse thoughts in the innovation process. Wherever those experts are in the world we will connect them into you when and where you need them.

With thanks to our Sustainable Business Lead Graham Precey and all he brings with his enviable track record in his sustainabaility best practice career in FTSE 100 companies and charties,  we particularly like working with clients who bring expertise together from all sectors of the real economy to innovate from public, private and civil society. In our experience that’s where you get the best results.

Businesses often treat carbon as an infinite resource. It’s not. It needs limiting in the atmosphere for the good of humankind. By innovating more and travelling less we are using our expertise to change human behaviour. At Infacom, we are particularly interested in working with clients who want bring decarbonisation solutions to the air that we all breathe.

Let’s talk, contact us at or visit the website.  And if you are at the ISE (Information Systems Europe) conference in Amsterdam why not get in touch to arrange a coffee.  Call us on 01273 579930

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