About Us

If you have dispersed project teams, we can ensure that you successfully adopt digital collaboration technology to achieve significantly greater productivity for your business. Faster innovation and time to market is achieved with more accurate and immediate sharing of information.

Founded in 1998 and still owned by the founder, Mark Beaumont, Infacom is a specialist collaboration and communication technology consultancy and Nureva Product authority. Mark is the most experienced and knowledgeable Nureva solution consultant in the world (find out how below).

Mark Beaumont

Our mission is to help you move on from sticky notes and whiteboards, frustrating sound quality on conference calls and time delays in sharing information.

Instead, we can ensure you achieve real-time, supercharged collaboration via digital project communications from any device, anywhere. You'll be able to simultaneously share virtual post-it notes, sketches, drawings and documents, all combined with crystal clear audio conferencing and video meetings.

Our consultancy focus and skill set is centred around human behaviour within your teams, your business processes and a unique, proven 16 step adoption methodology for delivering your technology change programme.

It's always easier to 'show' rather than 'tell' how it all works - so, as well as chatting on the phone, we're more than happy to show you videos of client implementations and invite you to join in on a system demo at our showroom in London. Please contact us to book in an informal initial chat.

Within a few minutes you’ll really 'get how it works' and see the profound differences it could make to the way your teams function. It's exciting! And it'll certainly impress when you want to hire and retain the best talent. 

We have amassed niche specialist knowledge in this field:

  • We've been fully engaged in AV and collaboration technology for over 20 years
  • We have had a close working partnership with the founders of Nureva for over two decades (and it continues today). Nureva has 'collaboration by design' at the centre of all its technology solutions. We've a combined practical experience of 8000 system installations worldwide
  • Since 2017 we have worked directly on the R&D for Nureva's Span Workspace collaboration software, HDL300 audio conferencing system and touchscreen wall panels
  • Recent projects include a successful worldwide deployment and change management project using Nureva software, hardware and audio conferencing solutions. A high-tech global manufacturer achieved full adoption with multi-cultural teams and is seeing tasks that took 2 months reduced to 2 days
  • We co-wrote the British Standard for Audio Visual Installations (BS8590:2014)

Another important benefit of what we do is assisting you with reducing your carbon footprint. Travel costs and environmental impact are cut immediately by using smart collaborative tools and leading edge audio conferencing tools.

The 2018 report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated that using video conferencing rather than business flights will make a dramatic difference.

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Please do contact us with any questions - we're happy to help.