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Move your team into the fast lane

Choose real-time visual collaboration tools that make it easy for people to generate ideas, map workflows and stay aligned – whether they’re in the same room or around the world. Teams go farther, faster, with Span™ Workspace.


Agile and Scrum

Engage teams in sprint planning, retrospectives and more – whether people are in-room or remote.


Consulting and Facilitation

Reduce setup time for facilitated sessions, increase client buy-in and eliminate the need to transcribe notes.


Design and Development

Drive engagement in the design process with live review and and collaboration - equip your design team for success

Keeping everyone on the same page can be tricky if everyone’s not in the same room.

Remote people disconnected?
Can’t see the big picture?

Without a way to visualise stories and tasks, it’s harder for teams to stay connected – or deliver what’s needed.

Real-time Collaboration For Distributed Teams

Keep your distributed team aligned with real-time collaboration tools that let everyone see the big picture.

Expert Support for Assured Success

Your dispersed teams can work out solutions and achieve a much faster time to market if their collaboration tools and processes enable them to work as a truly effective team. We develop game-changing collaboration with profound business benefits.


“Nothing else gives us the power to simultaneously generate content and run a real-time agile work environment while sharing across multiple people in multiple locations

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-Gregory Hart, Founder, Inception U

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