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  • Audio Conferencing System

    Guaranteed to solve all audio conferencing issues – perfect sound wherever you are in the room

  • Visual Collaboration Software

    From sticky notes and white boards to  digital communications with Nureva Span Workspace

  • Interactive Collaboration Wall

    8ft wide Nureva touchscreen wall panels for fast and effective collaboration

  • Collaboration Technology Consultancy

    Unique change methodology focussing on people, processes and full adoption

Collaboration Technology Consultancy

Visual Workspace Collaboration Software

Interactive Wall for Collaborative Working

Audio Conferencing System - Nureva HDL300

Productive Collaboration

About us

Your dispersed teams can work out solutions and achieve much faster time to market if their collaboration tools and processes enable them to work as a truly effective team. And we mean game changing collaboration with profound business benefits.

We can consult with you to make this happen. And provide you with the software and hardware that takes you from traditional project meetings, with sticky notes and white boards, to a meaningful, real-time, interactive, digital team environment (that still feels familiar). You can take your Agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban processes to a whole new collaborative level. Transform meetings with multi-site teams and gain richer and faster innovation.

You can revolutionise your existing processes and breakdown the barriers and challenges your globally dispersed teams have been facing. You’ll see very significant increases in productivity by using a combination of visual collaboration software on all devices, huge scrolling touchscreen wall panels and audio conferencing where the sound is perfect wherever participants are in the room.  Our unique consulting methodology focusses on your company’s People, Processes, Technology and Spaces. We particularly home in on Human Behaviour change and the vital steps for successful Adoption

As communication, AV and collaboration specialists, we’ll help you to solve business problems and deploy best practices for the roll out of your digital change programme. We want you to maximise all the benefits. You won’t be part of a run-of-the-mill IT implementation project. We go deeper than that. We’ll ensure we translate all your procedures into the digital environment and fully integrate it into your team’s routine.

Please get in touch if you want to stay competitive, improve time to market for your products and significantly enhance productivity within your teams. Find out more about us – including our 20 plus years of experience and unique, in-depth Nureva expertise.