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iStock_000017251820SmallWe believe that you’ll feel more confident and get a better service if you know that the people installing your equipment have a good understanding of your network structure and systems. By having a good knowledge of this we can advise on modifications or protocols that will help you get the most out of your new or existing equipment.

Many of our clients use us for cabling, networking, systems advice and other infrastructure work before actually buying Audio Visual equipment from us.

If you are considering new IT equipment of any type, do please get in touch. You may be surprised at what we can provide at extremely competitive prices. By procuring through Infacom you can couple our expertise in collaborative, training and display technology supply with the latest advice in all aspects of your IT infrastructure.

Get in touch to ask about our complete IT and AV support supply and service packages. We’ll prepare cost effective solutions based around tour exact needs.

Call us on  01273 579930 or email