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Nureva Span Visual Collaboration System

Nureva Span visual collaboration systemThe Nureva Span visual collaboration system transforms a meeting, teaching or project wall into an expansive, digital workspace which any one can see and contribute to from any device anywhere in the world in real time!  The system combines a panoramic, solid-state-illumination (SSI) projector with an intuitive cloud-based canvas that’s projected onto a wall and simultaneously accessible from personal devices. Users can create, share and edit ideas and information by working directly on the wall or on their own devices via the Span app. All changes made on the wall or from a device are instantly visible to all users.

The system’s flexible components enable users to create a variety of panoramic, surround or mobile environments. For teams that need to be immersed in visual data, the system replaces the sticky-note wall, enabling real-time ideation, design, planning and other activities. For students, the system fosters active collaboration through sharing and organising ideas to create deeper understanding. For everyone, the Span system opens up limitless possibilities for groups to create and collaborate.

True collaboration

The Span system brings all the convenience and flexibility of today’s online and touch technologies to traditional, paper- based collaboration. Visualising information on a large surface is an intuitive way for people to work together, and Nureva adapts this proven process to the digital age. Using the Span system, groups can work on a wall as they’ve always done, filling it with digital sticky notes, images and other objects to visualise information. The expansive virtual workspace makes it easy to see lots of information at once, identify patterns and start formulating solutions. And because there’s no limit to the number of canvases you can create, there’s endless space to explore possibilities and iterate.

At a time when many schools, businesses and other organisations are strapped for space, the system frees up valuable real estate and even creates flexible workspace that can be used by multiple groups of people for myriad projects. It’s ideal for bringing technology to unused corners, huddle rooms, staff rooms, hallways, learning commons, kitchens and other nontraditional spaces.

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