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Educational experience with schools, colleges and universities

Infacom has been supplying and installing AV and ICT systems into schools since 1998.

Our AV and ICT systems include SMART Boards, Digital signage, Mainline power and port systems, IRIS Connect CPD systems, projectors, networks and video conferencing systems.  We also supply individual AV & ICT products such as visualisers,  laptops, digital cameras and tablet PCs and iPad’s.

We offer a full service including installation, AV audits, systems advice and design, product training, maintenance contracts, break-fix call outs and technical support.

Our educational specialisation extends to involvement with the development of IRIS Connect. This product has evolved following extensive research into effective CPD and adult training in the UK and USA.  Infacom have been instrumental in the development of the IRIS Connect system.  Teacher professional development (CPD) lies at the heart of IRIS Connect, by delivering a unique, powerful and secure learning experience for teachers.  The system achieves this by fusing adult learning methodologies, mobile camera technology, data collection tools and a secure online teacher learning community to Discover Develop and Share teaching excellence.

“IRIS Connect has been very useful for Student Presentation skills. The children wanted to ‘IRIS’ their presentations; after the initial silliness the children identified what worked well and identified areas they needed to improve on next time. It’s actually pulled up grades for speaking and listening quite considerably by 20-25%”

Andrew Warren, English Teacher and Lead Coach. Tideway School, Newhaven, Sussex


Call us on  01273 579930 or email info@infacom.co.uk