Code of Practice for installations


BS 8590 – The Code of practice for the installation of audio visual equipment was recently published. Mark Beaumont, founder of Infacom, was heavily involved in the creation of this documentation further investing in the guarantee of quality for our AV installations.

As a code of practice, this British Standard takes the form of guidance and recommendations and it is intended for AV and electrical installers to enable them to ensure the quality and standard of installations.

Some of the key pointers from this code of practice and how we match up are below:

Site SurveyA Pre-installation site survey should be carried out to collect and record information for the design and planning of the installation.  At Infacom we like to ensure that we have reviewed the products applicable to you and that we provide you with the best solution to suit YOU and not our sales figures! We ensure that the installation is recorded and detailed dimensions, measurements and angles are recorded. Thus ensuring right first time installs and minimum disruption to you and your workplace.

Risk AssessmentA risk assessment should be carried out prior to any work commencing All risk assessments should be carried out in accordance with the HSE risk assessment guidelines – Infacom are a CHAS accredited contractor, which means we ensure safety for all concerned. Detailed Risk assessments are undertaken prior to any work being completed. We have detailed policies and safeguard all our employees and clients. If our installers believe there is a risk to you or anyone else due to an installation he will notify you immediately and work with you to rectify the situation.

InstallationAll equipment should be installed in such a way as to allow access for maintenance and servicing. This one is in our interest too! Infacom offer a maintenance contract to rival all others, for £495 per year we aim to keep all your classroom or meeting room AV up and running with the minimum downtime and disruption. We provide a 4 hour response time for calls and a 24hr onsite response time. This includes all AV equipment and whilst yours is being repaired, if we have to take it offsite we will provide a loan replacement. The contract includes any number of classrooms or meeting rooms and your equipment will be serviced yearly. All this for just £495!

Cabling and containmentThe cabling used should conform to the manufacturer’s specification of the devices the cabling is intended to connect, it should be in appropriate containment and should not be loose laid above ceilings. We never scrimp on cabling and ensure we always use the specified cables for your devices. We always restrain using clips or traywork and the finish on cables or fixings is above specified standard.

Post installationThe installer should carry out a full test and commissioning of the systems installed. Our installers will always carry out visual inspections and will check the functions for correct performance in accordance with the design specification. including checks on outputs and wall plates., we archive the documentation so any time you need it we can help.

All this means we offer a superior installation service that we guarantee you will be more than pleased with.